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Congratulations Students of the Month ~ 2016-2017

K          Autumn Hall             Connor Dunn
1st       Julia Verberg            Nate Stott
2nd      Elena Moore             Isiah Grady
3rd       Peyton Koch            Carter Kuffa  
PK - Parker Tutlow             Waylen Palenski
K - Arianna Krause             Guy Harman
1st - Jozlin Hahn                 Nolan Ezell
2nd - Alice Watson              Kevin Castelan
3rd - Makenzie VanWinkle   Brady Maynard
PK Olivia Meagrow        Gabe Wallace
K Ava Jones                   Colton Story
1st Jocilyn Edwards       Brian Rundstrom
2nd Alexandria Roney    Blake Ellis
3rd Jillian Wilnau            Logan Trizna
PK Charisma Smith  Amanda Layne
K Lyla Stoll                Troy Logan
1st Devyn Taylor       Gannon Mesenburg
2nd Taitum Jeffrey    Mason Hermes
3rd Taylor Moore       Andrew Staub
PK Maxim Johnson     Nicholas Holliday
K Faith Mascharia       Katelyn Rowe
1st Antonette Kryger   Mason Murphy
2nd Emmie Leber         Dravyn Deleon
3rd Lizzie Campbell     Andrew Strecker
PK Gianna Brooks      Colton Snyder
K Ryan Puder             Jerimah Oney
1st Kearstyn Fluty      Izyck Hughes
2nd Mabel Stoll          Sam Case
3rd Joy Jordan          Jacob Kuhl
PK Evelyn Grady        Caiden Adams
K Sienna Keobel         Jake Seekins
1st Grace Flowers       Blaine Liphart
2nd Ali Corfman          Mark Palinski
3rd Taylor Moore       Wade Ruggles
PS Kira Quillan            Andrew Pachasa
K Ava Pennell              Talon Wechter
1 Hannah McConnell   Brooks Ballah
2 Mallorie Jones          Noah Schoenherr
3 Ashley Cox               Cayn Stutsman
PS Josie Rockwell      Greyson Yamanouchi
K Addison Jones        Asher Yoder
1 Hanna Whiteman      Nathan Simpson
2 Peyton Bissell         Trevor Leimeister
3 Lily Risner               Keegan McClaren


**Guidelines for nomination are on the link to the right of this page. Students are honored with a certificate and lunch with Mr. Hermes. Student pictures are displayed in the office hall.




















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