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Physical Fitness



In physical education class, 3rd grade students get to take swimming lessons at the Norwalk Recreation Center for 5 weeks. When your child's homeroom has swimming, please make sure to send a swim suit and towel with them to school.  Permission slips come as their homeroom time gets closer.  Slips must be returned to be able to attend. Each session will be from 1:45 - 2:30.

November 9 - December 14  Morrow's Homeroom on Wednesday's

November 11 - December 16 - Matula's homeroom on Friday's

January 18 - Feb 15, 2017 - Whiley's homeroom on Wednesday's

January 20 - February 17 - Mills' homeroom on Friday's

March 1 - March 29 - Semple's homeroom on Wednesday's


Find Coach Campana on Facebook and become part of his Edison Elementary Physical Education Facebook Page! There you can see updates, information, and pictures regarding PE class at Edison Elementary!



*Do your Best! Involve your family and friends! Stay active every day and be a healthy person! -Coach Campana


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Mr. Campana   ext. 1139

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